Thousands of critiques of our American political-economic system--no good remedies?!

1000 to zero! 


That's roughly the ratio of recent (post-Great Recession) calls from all kinds of prominent people for significant change of our economic-political system to new, practical programs to make those changes happen. That’s too bad, but when we have an increasingly dysfunctional society for most of us and a very long history of disappointments, it’s understandable that new ideas are rare. Some people are still proposing tweaks to the system like simplifying voter registration rules, increasing the minimum wage, repealing the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision which cut down most limits on campaign contributions, and other rather wimpy and ultimately futile ideas. You can’t, one might say, give vitamins to a cancer patient and expect a recovery. The agenda of the hyper-active Tea Party, essentially, is to stonewall policymaking and to tear down the government to spite parties unlike themselves who may or may not be really responsible for their frustrations. They seem not to have thought out clearly the consequences to other citizens, to the United States’s financial credibility, and even to themselves of this willfully destructive approach, as weakening the government further will leave the elite class to completely dominate. 


Most people wanting significant change don't know if anything can be done. Positioned as they are in an unbalanced, inhumane, and disrespectful environment where they see themselves as mostly helpless they look at our present state of affairs as:


-“Could be worse.”

-“It's God's way.”

-“I'll be rewarded in heaven.”

-“I don't even want to think about it!”

-"Maybe our children will come up with something better."


- “Well, what can you do?”


That's what The Action Manual is about--a comprehensive vision and practical plan to fix the system for the benefit of most people and advancing the country into a 21st-Century nation.


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