Requests for HELP!

Achieving a successful social movement of any type requires the participation of many people. This one is even more ambitious than most. 


The Page on this site entitled "What You Can  Do?" explains, in general, what the Program needs to have done.


This page is meant to solicit immediate, specific help.


1. Sympathetic readers and supporters can distribute the ideas, books, etc. wherever they think they may be welcomed, or at least provoke thought/action, by sharing links/files on social media, emails, and any other means they are comfortable with.


2. Computer/internet gurus can set up a collaboration site on the internet to coordinate communications and activities.


3. Social media mavens can use those means to spread the ideas and information about the Program. Translating the ideas in graphic/video formats would be very helpful. And,having the Program ideas go "viral" would be ideal!


4. Executive producer types and/or existing professional activists groups can take the lead in the formal organizational/managerial aspects. That means organizing events, setting up the  institutional infra-structure, etc.


5. Financial contributions can be made to the Action Manual's Paypal account HERE.

(Note: ALL contributions will be used for purposes of the National Character Program.)


6. Someone can develop a crowdfunding campaign.


7. Anyone who wants to help in any other way can contact the author at: