What do the people REALLY want?

Eduardo Porter's May 24, 2006 column in the New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/25/business/economy/weve-seen-the-trump-phenomenon-before.html?_r=0)  raises again the issue of why lower and middle class Americans of both the right and left parts of the political spectrum are expressing their rage and frustration with their situations and our authority structures.


 They have great reasons to be unhappy but, unfortunately, they have no clear understanding of why things are as they are and what they want or need to have changed or fixed to make things better for themselves and for the country, as a whole.


 The Action Manual provides clarity and theoretical soundness to explain why things are as they are for these people, what specifically they really want if they thought clearly about things, and what elements it would take to fix things for them.


 In essence, what most people want is a balance in their life between personal and collective needs, a sense of human meaning in the economic sphere, and respect for living and doing the small life well.


 The Trump and Sanders supporters ( and many populists worldwide) have way more in common than has been articulated by nearly anyone. Much of this can be explained by the "American Team" concept of the Action Manual.  Forming a collective consciousness against a political economic elite as an American Team, together with the other elements noted in the book, provide a roadmap for major social change.


 Read it! Live it! Spread the word!

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