Bernie gives it up, as he must.

Bernie Sander's endorsement of Hillary Clinton today was inevitable. His program of public values and collective good, among other elements, while morally admirable, was always doomed to failure. That failure was to be either a complete collapse into irrelevancy or co-optation by the existing political processes.


 The ugly reality is that values and ideas outside of the conventional mainstream political processes have no real path to accomplishment. The existing political system is too entrenched and powerful and frames so that the major political parties and our 18-Century electoral processes continue. Of course, this state of affairs favors the elite class  and the status quo.


 The truth is that significant social change as sincerely desired by Bernie Sanders and his followers and by most Americans on the left and right has no chance unless it is based in a program which works outside of the existing processes. That doesn't mean revolution or replacement of our individualist/capitalism social ethos. It can mean the assertion by the little people of a complementary social ethos and an informal shadow government guided by a theoretically sound vision and plan for progressive change.


 That vision and plan his what "An Action Manual" is all about. Implementing the ideas of An Action Manual needs people like Bernie Sanders and his followers and all the little people who recognize that they are being exploited by a small elite.


 However, Bernie Sanders and all those other people need  An Action Manual.  The collapse or co-optation of the Sander's program is evidence of that.

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