Why do American citizens distrust their government and their society?

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen articulates why Americans are in an "Age of Distrust."(See link below.) He knows that many Americans see the current system as rigged in favor of a political elite. Their role as participants in a democracy is bogus.


 The political elite no longer has the trust of the general public but that distrust has evolved now into revulsion and opposition, even if that opposition is irrational and counterproductive. This is true, not only in America, but in much of the developed world. (Think of Brexit, as an example.)


 The graphic here articulates what the non-elite members of society would want and respect if the set of elements were part of a comprehensive program of progressive change. The book, "An Action Manual," articulates that program.


Although there is no shortage of critique among so many people almost no one has a theoretically sound and practical program of change. Without that, forget trust in government, in our traditional authority institutions, in the future, and in ourselves as a putative society.  There is, indeed, a new way of seeing and thinking about  updating our 18th Century principles of governance and social relations.


NY Times 9-19-2016   (http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/20/opinion/the-age-of-distrust.html)

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