Will the Presidential Election Change Anything?

 Except for those millions of Americans who are so  sickened and disillusioned with the present political system, nearly everyone else is paying literal attention to the 2016 electoral process, voting projections, party alignments, and the antics of Mr. Trump.


 Many of these people believe that their lives will change for the better if one or the other of the major party candidates wins. Ha! 


 Sadly, all this literalness towards this election and our 18th-Century governance principles and institutions is a huge waste of attention.


 For everyone but the political-economic elite, elections have nearly always been a waste of attention and a delusion about potential change in the form of better lives, governance, and expectations for the future.


 The reality is that our system is a paradigm which doesn’t work for most people and perhaps never has worked for them.  Regardless if any of the “little people” have benefited from it, it is a paradigm which is horribly inadequate for our 21st-Century realities.


 In sum, millions of Americans are wasting their time giving any attention at all to this election.


 New leaders need to come forward and educate the public about real change in governance. That comes from having a NEW paradigm where there is a balance of private and public interests, human interests rather than system ones become paramount, and our governance  becomes “Smart.”  That means being more collectively rational and fair; relying much more upon science, reason, and professionalism than about petty politics; and more.


 Those serious about significant change need to have a theoretically-sound and practical program. They need to forget about this stupid election and the (many) stupid participants in it.



 They should read “An Action Manual” and implement its National Character Program.

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