Pirate parties all over the place--what gives?

So-called "pirate" parties have sprouted up in nearly every developed nation in the world. These parties are looking for a more inclusive and transparent government, a balance between the interests of the elite group and everyone else, and implicitly, some respect for the status and contributions of being a so-called "little person."


 These parties have a great deal in common with the American "Tea Party," the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump supporters, and populists all over the world who feel empowered for the first time in a long time in combating the long-felt exploitation of them by the elite class. 


 These people are highly motivated for change and have an abundance of energy and goodwill. However, they are spinning their wheels and basically wasting their time and energies.


While they will give the elite class a "poke in the eye," so to speak, by  opposing even rational policies which might benefit them but sponsored by the elite and by throwing monkey wrenches, so to speak, in the mechanisms of government, ultimately they will be frustrated and disillusioned. Beyond that, the consequences of their actions will end up harming them way beyond any psychological benefits received by the "poking of elite eyes."


 The basic problem is that they are still operating within the 18th-Century paradigm of liberal democracy. That paradigm includes  rigged processes of democracy, dominant economic imperatives of capitalism, and outdated institutions and principles of governance and social relations.


 While these parties may get psychological benefits from throwing "hissy fits" they will end up, like little children, spanked and sent to their corner.  The elite is too smart and has fine-tuned strategies to counteract even the most boisterous pirate-type behaviors.


  These people need a new vision of governance and social relations. They need a new way of looking and thinking about political and economic elements. They need to get beyond the 18th Century concepts and processes which are so effective in allowing the elite to maintain their dominance.


 What they need is a new paradigm. A theoretically sound vision and practical plan is articulated in the book "An Action Manual." If these people really want to see substantive change they've got to wake-up and realize that the processes available inside the existing paradigm will not work. They need a new vision and plan. They need to wake up!  They need to stop squawking and learn how to be effective in positive ways using smarter strategies and new, technological resources.

A new way of looking and thinking about political and economic elements. A new paradigm for major social change. And updating of our 18th-Century structures and principles of governance and social relations.

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