Begin the Healing? How?

Political analyst, Frank Luntz,  in a op-ed column in the New York Times on November 8, 2016 ( pleas for a return to a more civilized American society where people find a common ground and move forward together.


 Like so many people and pundits, Luntz diagnosis a major ill of American society and states what should be done about it but has no plan or program.


 The unfortunate reality is that no one has articulated a theoretically-sound and practical plan to address this divisiveness.


 What is needed is a new paradigm going above the 18th-Century political and economic principles which guide our thinking now. Without a new way of looking at thinking about political and economic elements and designing a program suitable for 21st-Century America all the squawking and chest beating about our present state of affairs is worthless.


 That's where a book like the "An Action Manual" becomes vitally important. It goes beyond critique and articulates a new paradigm.That paradigm includes a new vision of society and a practical plan to accomplish significant progressive change.


When are people going to stop mere squawking and learn how to fix the problems they are so unhappy about?

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