Yet another plea for a third American party?

Political columnist, David Brooks,  in a column in the New York Times on November 8, 2016 ( argues for a new third-party to bridge the divisiveness between the existing major parties, Democrats and Republicans.


 We have heard this so many times before. Given the structural impediments and the practical problems with forming any new major political party this is a worthless proposal. 


  Working within the concepts of an 18th-Century political system with 18th-Century political institutions is not going to be worthwhile in a 21st century America.


 What is needed is a new paradigm going above the 18th-Century political and economic principles which guide our thinking now. Without a new way of looking at thinking about political and economic elements and designing a program suitable for 21st-Century America all the squawking and chest beating about our present state of affairs is worthless.


 That's where a book like the "An Action Manual" becomes vitally important. It goes beyond critique and articulates a new paradigm.That paradigm includes a new vision of society and a practical plan to accomplish significant progressive change.


When are people going to stop offering up old, theoretically-unsound, practically unworkable, and historically ineffective proposals and learn how to really fix the problems they are so unhappy about?

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