Is the Enlightenment Dead?

David Brooks, in his New York Times column dated February 28, 2017, “The Enlightenment Project” ( raises the issue of whether the 18th-Century Enlightenment ideals which have conditioned our society for centuries are coming to an end. He calls for a new group of leaders to come forward to combat the attacks on the fundamentals of the Enlightenment project.


 The populist “revolt” globally crippling liberal democracy; rejecting reason and science in policymaking and governance; and rejecting globalism, tolerance, and diversity is a major regression of the Enlightenment goal of steadily improving society and governance.


 Many fair and right-minded people will agree with this.


 But who are these new leaders? What ideas do they have to reverse this fundamental regression? How do they do it? And what should we have in place in terms of governance and social relations when they are done?


 Brooks has no answers, much less a theoretically-sound vision or practical plan. Nor does anyone else in a position of influence, either.



 However, answers to ALL of these questions (and more) are articulated in The Action Manual. Seriously! Give it an honest read. You will be provoked and intrigued, unquestionably.

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